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The drama tool kit is an interactive and fun multi-layered package designed to engage young people in discussions about issues that they may be facing. The toolkit has been developed to work in with the New Zealand Curriculum in the Health Learning area.

The Drama Toolkit’s intention is youth empowerment and development and its focus is on developing skills in leadership, communication and personal development through creative processes and practice.

“The arts directly contribute to positive self perception and identity, vital to effective education achievement and pursuit of life-long learning.”

- P.20 The WOW factor. Waxman, 2006.

The Drama Toolkit team has developed 7 roles and contexts that relate to typical situations that young people may experience in their everyday lives.  Role histories and open–ended scenarios have been created for this programme in a way that invites creative participation from students. This content has also been used to create an imagined reality that enhances teaching and learning through a drama process.  All workshop sessions are facilitated and all offer opportunities for follow up discussion.

The roles have been developed from direct experience of young people’s behaviour patterns within a school context.  They can be used in a variety of dramatic contexts; together or alone to meet the demands of the student group. Each role has unique characteristics and addresses a variety of youth issues.

These include:
Exclusion and loneliness
Family relationship issues
Risky alcohol use
Peer relationship conflict
Peer pressure
Academic pressure and “Tall-Poppy Syndrome”
Sexual responsibility
Image and identity

If you are a teacher who would like to see the drama toolkit in your school please contact us.


This programme was recently trialed with youth workers, students and their teachers with overwhelmingly positive results, feedback and engagement, particularly from the students.

We are excited about returning to the roots of Action Education and developing this powerful way of engaging young people.

“Education through the arts – enhances overall academic attainment, reduces school disaffection, and promotes positive cognitive transfer.”  P.71 The WOW factor. Waxman, 2006.


Our drama toolkit is run by a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers. If you would like join our drama toolkit team or are interested in any other volunteer opportunities, please go to our Contact Us page.


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